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Painted the sights on my LCP - take a look

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Painted the sights on my LCP - take a look

I found that the front sight was so low that I was tipping the front of the gun upward so I could see it, and thus my bullets were all hitting center, but high.

So, I took some Testors model paint and used the blunt end of a wooden tooth pick to put a dab on the backward slope of the front sight and then two dabs on the rear sight.

I, not meaning too, put a few more dabs on the rear sight and the paint filled in the concave area in a fashion that pleased me.

I'm going back to the range when I post this thread to see how she does.

Here are some pics:

Tipped up so you can better see the paint on the front sight

Angling back down, approaching the sight picture.

So you can see how easy it should be to align the sights looking down range.

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