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Author: makarovdotcom

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Posted - 02/04/2006 : 9:39:16 PM

I know this has been mentioned before, but I just got another Email and thought it should be Mentioned again.

The PA63 is designed for 95 grain or lighter, Milspec Ammo ONLY.

Email stated he was shooting 109gr Wolf ammo in a stock PA63, had a Squib round, did not check the Bore fired another round and BOOM, the pistol turned into a small hand gernade. Some hand damage, fragment of slide in forehead, one Pissed off pistol owner.

I know that the blame here lies on many shoulders, The ammo maker, the Importer (Wolf), the shooter, etc.

The Shooter should not have been firing the Wolf Ammo in a PA63 in the first place, and should have checked the bore after the Squib load.

Wolf needs to do something about Quality Control and drop the bullet weight of the Makarov Ammo down to Normal levels.

This is now the 38th Pistol I have info on that has been distroyed by Wolf Ammo, and I have notes on another 64 that have been damaged by that ammo. Of the 38 damaged beyond repair, 24 were PA63's, and one was a P64.

If you have and shoot a PA63, please use 95 grain Bullet weight or lighter MilSpec Ammo. I have included a list below of what should be safe to shoot in a PA63.

Barnual 95gr FMJ
Barnual 95gr JHP
Hornady 95gr JHP
PS-Grand 95gr FMJ
Foicchi 95gr FMJ
CCI Blazer 95 gr FMJ
CCI Blaser 90gr JHP
CCI Blaser 95gr JHP
RAM 95gr FMJ
RAM 95gr JHP
Tiger 95gr FMJ
Tiger 95gr JHP
Golden Tiger 95gr FMJ
Silver Bear 92gr FMJ
Brown Bear 92gr FMJ
East German Surplus ammo (95gr FMJ Bullet)
S&B 95gr FMJ
Winchester 95gr FMJ
Federal 90gr FMJ
Federal 90gr JHP (if you could ever find any)
Speer 90gr JHP (not very common, good luck finding any)
Speer 95gr FMJ (not very common, good luck finding any)

Other Ammo with a bullet weight of 95 grs or less and a Muzzle Velocity of 1050 fps or less.

Some Common Ammo NOT to use in a PA63:

Wolf 109gr FMJ
Wolf 100gr FMJ
Wolf 120gr JHP
Silver Bear 120gr JHP
Silver Bear 115gr JHP
Brown Bear 120gr JHP
LVE Branded Surplus ammo (109gr bullet)
Cor-Bon 95gr JHP ( +P load, not for Alloy Frames)
Foicchi 95gr JHP (+P load, not for alloy frames)


Edited to Add:

I am taking copies of my notes to the SHOT Show and will confront Wolf on this matter. If anyone has pictures, or other Documented Info on damaged pistols with Wolf 9x18 Ammo, please Email it to me at [email protected]


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I think the Wolf Military Classic falls right in the 95-grain milspec that George was posting about, and should be safe to shoot in a PA-63, the P-64, and the other 9x18 variants.

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A squib that goes undetected is one of my shooting nightmares. Sometimes I like to practice rapid fire, and this is one thing that worries me.

I just hope that if I ever see a poof of smoke wth a soft report, I'll have the good reflexes to FREEZE and examine what just happened.

For those here that have experienced squibs, what are the main signs that you had one?

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I've had several squibs - two with Silver Bear 115-grain, and one with the Hornady 95-grain. I'm talking classic squibs with the bullet left in the barrel.

When I fired the rounds the recoil was very light to non-existent. Also, smoke swirled around the chamber. They just went "poof". Something was obviously wrong so I stopped and checked out the pistol. If I was rapid firing I don't know how I would have stopped in time.
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