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I need some help with this rifle

i will be getting a P14 in .762 which seems to be rare here in the uk most been 303 and eddystone made
the one i bought is a remington make so i am told
and the person does not know or want to tell me anything about it and have to wait till i get it
he is far away from me and i am not able to go see it very easy
got it for such little money £150 which i thought is a good price with a return spring attached if not as described

i want to make it into a fun long distance shooter but it has loads of bits missing
which people over here want the bank and the Military budget for
someone removed the trigger guard , magazine , plate and spring inside and changed the stock for a boring one
or cut it not sure yet
oh and looks like the barrel to but not sure on that one either

does anyone know where i can get bits n pieces and have them sent to the uk for me

hope someone can advise me
from the picture i need from C8 up to C19
thank you


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First you will need to determine whether it is a converted P14 or a sported M 17 as some of the action parts differ. Parts are likely missing because they didn't fit in the aftermarket stock.
Be careful. You may have opened a pricey can of worms, which can often be the case when getting someone else unfinished project..

Take more pics, and larger. The ones you posted are too small and do not enlarge, therefore there is nothing to go on.

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Sorry to say the issue of cracked receivers on rebarreled p-17s (and some p-14) is always present. The gasoline trick to reveal cracks does work. Conversely some of the finest sporters are built on these robust actions.
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