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New note as of today on the website:
"Note: Some examples may have unattached parts such as; Butt Plate, Hammer, Trigger Guard, Steel Band, etc. However, we are looking carefully to make sure there is not catastrophic damage to any specific part or the wood stock. IMA will INCLUDE any missing parts for you to install. Please remember, these are not perfect, but are truly untouched, and therefore; “they are as they are”. For obvious reasons we cannot offer a Special Selection on this item.

Furthermore, REFUNDS are OK, but exchanges for a diffrent 1853 is not."

I'm sure they'll take care of you if you call. Sounds like yours has "catastrophic damage". i ordered one yesterday and I was going to call and cancel the order after seeing your review but if they'll refund I'll see what comes.
1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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