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If it is a true 1860's vintage Henry rifle, it is an antique, and much less regulated than modern arms, especially since .44 rimfire is no longer made, and hasn't been for a very long time.

If it is an older (1960's-1970's) replica in a modern cartridge, it is basically a modern rifle. Most states are not restrictive about face to face transfers with long arms, but that may change soon. Better get it done quick. There are some states that are tougher than others, and require even residents to register all firearms brought into their state. New York is definately one of them, and Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and Hawaii may be others. Best to go to a local gun shop and ask in person.
California is not one.
If the rifle is antique most states follow federal guidelines and it is not a gun. Older than 1899. As has all ready been said go online to your state and get the info. Visit the ATF site. I brought a rifle (it would not have matter if it was brand new) back to California from Missouri and did not have to do anything. If it had been an assault rifle it would have been different.
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