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Well when you read about the K rations of WW2, the development project based its estimates for daily caloric needs on soldiers digging ditches and marching around, instead of fighting and maneuvering with a ruck, rifle and ammo. Soldiers that lived on K-rats for extended periods (most notably Merrill's Marauders in Burma, which received all supplies by air drop) became seriously malnourished as a result.
Knew a member of Merrill's bunch. An attorney from Kentucky, commissioned when the War came, and wound up with the Marauders in Burma. He did NOT talk about that part of his life. Very bright guy, fine attorney, and a serious alcoholic. There is a picture of him in Ogburn's book on the Marauders. And a picture of Tom and his grave here: Thomas Prewitt “Tom” Senff (1918-1988) - Find a Grave Memorial
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