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I received this and just had to share...sorry for the OT, but this is, I believe, special...

Please grant me one OT without any negatives, but rather with your prayers instead, as I see kids I "just" coached in Tee-Ball when they were 7 years old getting ready to deploy to the middle (rotten) east.

(God speed, Timmy and Tommy-- come back safe!)

TIA for prayers for Tim and Tom, now "grown men" at 20 and 22 years old, in service to us all.

"There is a huge rock near a gravel pit on Hwy, 25 in rural Iowa.
For generations, kids have painted slogans, names, and obscenities on this rock, changing its character many times.

A few months back, the rock received its latest paint job, and since then it has been left completely undisturbed."

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