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there is a guy that sell's alot of ww2 german stuff at the gunshows i go to .he thinks he knows alot about german items . he offered me $20 for a ss belt buckle that i had ,said it was a fake because it did not have any maker marks in it .i did not sell .when i looked at some of his stuff he has buckles that were fake you could tell by the way they were made and some of them had fake number stamps in them that most books will show to be fake.i have a spanish helmet that i use sometimes in reenacting .i welded up all the extra holes and put in a correct liner in it and adees the aged decals on it than repainted it and aged it some by letting it set in the weather for a few months .i took it to another show and showed it to him . he wanted to buy it but he was not sure why the rim was not flared out like all the other m42 helmets .i kept it but never did tell him what it was ,he wanted $250-$300 for his but only offered me $75 for mine.i bet if i had sold to him it would have been sold as some kink of very late war helmet
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