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To be blunt , yes , she was to be dinner . :(

Used to be a bounty paid on the damned things , still should be IMO.

We still have open season on them though . ;)
The coyodogs are getting to be more a prob-can't always tell that easy what they are.hardly see too many stray cats though.coyotes will eat almost anything.
Threw away some meat scraps when I lived in Des Moines.Heard a racket late at night and went out to see the damndest sight -several large rabbits scarfing on the scraps. Never can look at a bunny the same way again.Always wondered what they thought of humans. Be a a good name for a horror flick-Rabbula.
Sorry to hear about your fiest,M1A-my dog was part ridgeback(large) and just about everything left her alone.
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