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All your comments are legitamate . I, myself personnaly think Obama is a stooge (pupput) that is controled by the left wing , ( ever notice how he is always surronded by the radicals of the DEM. party when on "stage" . This guy is controlled look closely and you will see the strings attached to him. ( Smart guy and a lawer but knows nothing about politics) some one or some people are telling him what to do. Obama is not the enemy , but the puppet masters are. ACORN, WEATHERNAN ORG. Did you know the weatherman wanted and expected to have a violent revolution in this country , and wanted to set up RE_EDUCATION CAMPS to convince the people to accept a socialist Govt. And those that were capitalists and would not agree were to be eliminated. They estimated that the number of eliminations would be 25,000,000 americans.
read into this what you will. but I have stated facts and if you want the sources I will get them.But know that the sources are the FBI and US govt.
I look for these written sources to soon be censored and unaviable under the new regime.
Good luck and Godspeed.
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