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OT - but 7.62x54r silvertip on sale at Cope's

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Just a quick heads up for Mosin shooters. Cope's has Soviet 70's - 80's 7.62x54r silver tip ammo in rusty cans on sale @ $64.99. Cheapest I've seen in a while, and I don't expect it to last very long (making the assumption they don't have all that much of the rusty can ammo)
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Not a bad deal if you're not close to any gun shows where you can get it for the same price if you figure the shipping and handling you're charged.
Thanks for the heads up!!!!Can't beat the 9.95 shipping......
Yep, that's what I figured too. And I can't get it for less than $90-100 at any gunshows around $74.94 per can, delivered isn't bad at all. Don't expect it to last very long, but if they still have some next Monday (which happens to be payday) I'll get as many as I think I can afford
How comes every other ad I've seen for these cans advertise $20-$25 shipping?For that price it's a good deal.I guess those cans
price out different around the country?
It's Cope's flate rate shipping deal ...some items qualify for the flat rate shipping .....can't beat the shipping price.
The next best shipping price (that I'm familiar with) is from a non sponsor dealer and I think he charges $16 for the same size can or $25 for 2 cans (which is still a decent shipping price)
the latest shipment of cans to my local store were all rusty too....
Nice tip thanks just made an order. Now r these light or heavy ammo?
147 gr
I ordered 2 cases.I have to pay sales tax as well. Even still Iam saving a few bucks with the flat rate shipping.
It qualifies for the cheap shipping. 880 rounds to my door for a few cents under $140...can't beat that!
Heres where to check rock bottom ammo prices all the time.
Thanks Carol. I've never seen that site, kinda cool. It gives me piece of mind too. I'm only paying 1.3 cents more per round than the cheapest spot on the web; and I'm buying in person from a sponsor (RGUNS) so no shipping. No need for me to even look anywhere else now.
I live in rural kentucky. SOG isnt far away up in ohio..., but copes deal, is a steal. I think Ill get 2 cases for this summers blasting. I bought 4 cases last year, got two left. These prices will last as long as theres a supply. Remember what happened with 308. I used to buy the cavim military for 160.00 a thousand back in the 1990's. Now its not worth buying. A ripoff. I sold my rifle, couldnt afford to shoot it anymore. Then I discovered MN's. Rest is history!
Thanks for the heads up on this deal! I live near RGuns and this is even better than their prices. basically got 2 tins, plus a bore snake for the same price as 2 tins at RGuns.
Just ordered 2 tins as well, thanks a lot for the link!

May I suggest sending them a thank you email in this fashion:

"I just wanted to let you know your sponsorship at is paying off. I wouldn't have known about you guys if it wasn't for them. Thank you for supporting"

I just did.
I just ordered 2 tins myself. Thanks for the information. Great site.
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