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Yep! The "Founding Father" of Oscar's new company, O.F.Mossberg & Sons. Which by the way, is America's only surviving family-owned gun making company if I recall correctly.

They started producing the Brownie in 1919, and it was marked as PAT.APPL'D.FOR. The later patent dates showed 1920. The first few of those had the wrong month, and those demand a premium when found. A total has been guesstimated at 32,000 from reported surviving serial numbers. No known factory records of this gun have surfaced, yet...

The Brownie was not only his FIRST gun, which got his new company started, but that company's ONLY pistol. I'm turning loose two of my Variation #3s. (For the historical "sticklers" please note that although Oscar worked for other gun makers, and even produced his own ill-fated little hideout gun, those were NOT produced by the company of O.F.Mossberg & Sons.)

Anyway, I digress - the online auction of my Brownies (and a bunch of other goodies) ends on Jan. 8th. I'm also offering a very nice 151M(b) wearing a similar vintage Mossie 4X. Here's the URL for that auction. Check it out if interested. :)

Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
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