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"Osaka" bayonets (an old post) Don't think this was saved.
David Franchi
Author monkeyboy Posted - 03/05/2004

The following is a presentation of bayonets in the 39th series. All but one of these bayonets were made by Matsushita Kinzoku. Remember the #39 in all the s/n's is the series number. The first pic shows a typical variation A s/n 3934119 with the Kanji inspection mark "saka" and the standard Kokura logo. This example has been cleaned and cold blued so I'm not sure if the blade was bright or blued originally

The second pic is where things start to get interesting. By this point Matsushita had made the switch from variation A to variation C. This example is s/n 3943394 again with the "saka" inspection mark. The logo now has "spikes" added. Notice also the grip rivets are flush with the surface of the wood. The blade on this example is bright.

The third pic of variation C s/n 3950050 "saka"inspection mark shows a change in the grip rivets. They are now sunken into the grip. Notice the dome on the rivet head. Matsushita seems to have used this style of rivet for the rest of the war. The blade on this example is blued.

The forth pic of variation C s/n 3961517 "saka" inspection mark shows Matsushita seems to have gone back to the old spikeless Kokura logo. The next pic might explain why this was done. The blade of this example is bright.

The fifth pic shows variation C s/n 3965443 "saka inspection mark. Notice the "spike" logo is back! But if you look closely you'll see it's missing the bottom "spike". This is most likely due to a broken die.
So it seems one might find one mark or the other hundreds or thousands of numbers apart. The blade of this example is blued.

The sixth pic shows variation C s/n 3974288 "saka inspection mark. These bayonets are often confused with Kokura made bayonets. This example has a bright blade.

The seventh pic shows variation C s/n "yu"87997 "saka"inspection mark. By this stage Matsushita started using the Katakana symbol "yu" as a series mark. Why? Because it's the 39th Katakana character. So instead of a number series mark they used a character.
This example has a bright blade.

The eighth pic shows a Kokura variation C s/n "ka"50595 "ko" inspection mark. I included this pic to show the difference between a Kokura and a Matsushita made variation C. First of course is the inspection mark. It's the Kanji character "ko" short for Kokura. Notice the tip of the crossguard isn't shaped like the Matsushita made examples. And while the rivet heads have a slight dome they are flatter and not nearly as pronounced as Matsushita's rivets. This example has a bright blade.

The final pic shows an interesting Kokura rework of a Matsushita variation C s/n
3970710 inspection marks "saka" and "ko". For some reason this bayonet was reworked by Kokura. They blued and regripped it. When the work was done they stamped the pommel with their inspection mark. Notice the flatter style Kokura rivets.

I hope I've helped to clear up the "Osaka" confusion. Jon

gtbehary Posted - 12/21/2004

Great post. I never knew about the 39 being the series. I thoughtmy serial number had one or two too many numbers. Mine is 3945828 the number 4 being samped directly above the 2 for some reason. Thanks for the clarification.


j hawk Posted - 12/21/2004

Great post.!!!!! Thank you for your posting.

Mine is s/n 3951360 bright.

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Seinen Posted - 12/21/2004

j hawk-san,

Is it legal to own bayonets in Japan?


j hawk Posted - 12/22/2004

Hi, Chip san,

Japanese cannot legally own any original size bayonets in Japan.

Unfortunately, when I discovered this Osaka bayonet several years ago , the blade had already been cut. There are only 5"1/2 (14-centimeter) blade. This size of the blade is lawful.
Because the logo and "3 spikes" is very clear, I am importantly preserving this bayonet.


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You are welcome! THANKS for the help! :D
If you want to you can place links to the pictures in the post by editing the post. Once you get to the editor screen go down to the pictures and right click on the picture you want to link to. Select "Save Shortcut". Then scroll up to the spot in the post where you want the link and right click and select paste. This will put the link where the picture was when they disappear. When you get all the links moved hit save and your done.


Also I've been putting green arrows on the posts so they will stand out as a relocated post.
Thanks for the help, I'm sure I missed a lot of good posts one the old board. My selection process is based more on speed than reading each and every post.

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This thread was how I found gunboards years ago, searching for information on the Osaka bayonets. The old site update apparently wiped it out, now the new update 'semi' wiped it out again.
Its a shame as Jon put a lot of time into this excellent writeup (and updated) only to have it disappear twice :(

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I'm hoping to restore these and we are moving to that as job 1 with things improving each week.
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