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Original SVT Gas Regulators

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Is there any place that sells original SVT gas regulators? I've beaten mine up a bit and would like to replace it with another original one.
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FWIW, I purchased a brand spanking new one from the guy but the problem is that it does not have the tick marks and size markings on it at all so there is no way to align the holes correctly.

I guess I just wanted it for safekeeping as a last resort part since e-gunparts only sells used and abused ones.

The other option is to buy three or four from e-gunparts and use the best of the four. That is an expensive option though.

I personally had to open up the holes with a drill bit a little more on a spare one that I had to get my rifle to cycle reliably. Not exactly historically correct but it solved my problem and gave me a reliable SVT40.

Gary, which sponsor sells new repro made ones? I would kill to get one.
I am looking for a Finnish gas regulator that has the 2.2 setting on it myself.

I would kill for that if I could fine one for sale or trade.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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