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Got my hands on a mint sks yesterday. From what I can tell all parts are matching and this is in a non-refurb condition. The rear sight, gas piston and gas tube have electropenciled cereal numbers. Interesting that the bayonet has the 50 shades of cosmoline to it. The interior parts still have factory cosmoline inside. I'll probably leave it alone and let it just sit there.
The Soviet sks imports to the US aren't known to have had the heavy cosmoline coating of other surplus imports. The gold color of your bayonet is likely a protective measure applied for storage-- possibly a chromate coating.

1954 carbines are pretty common for the Soviet examples, but what's uncommon is the high overall condition. Wow.

Great example. Nice find, and thanks for sharing. (y)

More photos?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts