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In war times a guy went to the local recruiting agency and said that he wanted in the infantry.
When asked why he said... "I have a tremendous desire to kill people".
They took him in and issued him the newest latest and greatest weapon... a 5' long deadly sick. (so he wouldn't kill friendly's)
He went through boot camp and was tough how to use it like a surgeons scalpel... Point it and udder the words... Stick-a-dee stick stick stick. He grew to be a well trained killing machine.

He was sent to the front line.
In his foxhole an attacker came at him.
He held up his weapon and uddered... Stick-a-dee stick stick stick.
The attacker dropped dead in his tracks.
This happen several of times and every time the attacker dropped dead... until...
An attacker came a marching (a semi slow steady march with clinched fists and no weapon)
The holder of the mighty stick raised his stick and shouted... Stick-a-dee stick stick stick!!!
Again... Stick-a-dee stick stick stick!!!
Still the guy didn't drop.
This proceeded until the unarmed guy with clinched fists ran right over the top of him (squishing him flat).
The last thing the holder of the stick heard off in the distance was a soft repetitive rumble... Tank-a-dee Tank Tank Tank.

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The Variation of this that I heard was the Infantryman was issued with a wooden rifle, and told to say "Bang-Bang-Bangety-Bang"...and the "Tank" just said...Tankety-Tankety-Tank-Tank-Tank. End result the same.

Doc AV
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