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Posted - 08/21/2003 : 12:54:02 AM

1) If moderator approved, you may posted limited WTS, WTT, WTB ads on this forum. Email or ask Carcano for his ok.

2) No flames or personal attacks will be tolerated. Posts that either attack or flame will be deleted and the IP of the poster noted. If it is noticed that one poster is causing problems this poster will be banned from posting for one week. Second offense results in the loss of posting rights for good.

3) You do not have to register but it is recommended as it allows you to upload files as well as access some features not available to "anonymous" posters.

4) Please do not use foul language. If the use of foul language is noticed the entire posting will be deleted. KEEP IT CLEAN!

5) Do not answer or praise yourself with false handles or nicknames. This is noted when it happens and is frowned upon by Gunboards.Com.

6) Do not post of ongoing auctions. You may post when auctions are completed but no mention or promoting of auction items is allowed.

7) Treat others with the same respect as you expect to have others treat you with.

Now added are the additional rules for advertisements here. These are licit, but:

- All ads must bear the moniker WTB / WTS / WTT in the subject line.

- Ads shall be detailed and describe the item as well as possible. This applies to a rare 1891 trials rifle as well as to a single used spare part.

- Pictures are very welcome and actually encouraged.

- Comments and questions to ads are welcome (note: this is a difference to the general trader board, and only licit here). Bickerings and personal attacks are not.

- Double postings (here and on the General Trader Board) are okay with me (unless Tuco and Vic were to protest). Referrals and links to ads "somewhere else" are not, and will be erased.

- All "you have mail" or "email sent" type of follow-up postings will be immediately erased and the offender will receive a suitably harsh email. Don't even think about it.

- The moderator may and WILL (read my lips) edit and alter ads as he sees fit. He may also delete an unfitting ad altogether, or close a thread. This also applies to comments. Consent to this is a prerequisite for using this space. If you don' wish to submit to the risk, just use the general trader board.

Thanks from Gunboards.Com and from your moderator

Webmaster Mosin-Nagant Dot Net

Edited by - Carcano on 08/29/2004 10:39:28 AM
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