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Posted - 01/09/2004 : 11:01:32 AM

This is the first in a series of roll calls. Eloldehombre finally moved me to overcome my inertia. The intention is to complete our Carcano database. We shall begin with some of the less common guns, simply because the data are much more needed here, in order to establish production numbers and sequences.

Among the various producers of M 91 long rifles, and of converted M 91/24 carbines, MIDA Brescia is one of the less common ones (thought the rarest is Beretta). It appears that they only produced in WW I, from 1916 to 1918. Maybe they operated on a base similar to the Roman Officina di Costruzione d'Artiglieria, as an assembly plant so to speak (though Roma certainly made many parts of its own). Revolvers were also produced by Mida.

Mida-made rifles are characterized by the strange *additional* numbers under the rear sight blade (lower sight of blade, and barrel where the rear sight base is), and also by many letter-number combinations on the bottom of barrel and receiver. Deciphering these would certainly help to elucidate the production techniques and pattern. So, if you can, please disassemble your M 91 rifles and M 91/24 carbines.

I shall now list those numbers and data which we already know. I do not distinguish rifles and carbines, because all 91/24 TS carbines started their life as a long rifle.

We absolutely *need* full serials numbers. In addition, all other markings on barrel and receiver (symbols, greek letters, inspector marks), and stock cartouches are of interest. If you don't wish to write in public, then please report via email: I would be equally grateful !

Number Year Barrel code
A 6416 16 AG
B 8742 17
B 9889 17 AG
B 9898 17 AG
D 2973 17
D 8830 17 AG
D 9966 17
E 667 17
E 5214 17 AG
F 3233
F 4307 17 AG
F 9806 18
G 3196 18 FG (?)
I 7658 18 FP
L 1373 18
M 5813 18 FP

(Recently, I have added the B 9898, seen with Frankonia Düsseldorf, alas deactivated; and later the D 2973, and the E 667 - a M 91/24, FARE 25 TERNI -, both from online auctions)

Alexander Eichener
Email: [email protected]
Carcano Website:

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Posted - 10/01/2006 : 09:03:53 AM
I currently have two carcanos, handed down by my late grandfather, whom served in Europe.
Both rifles seem to be in decent condition. My father used one in the 60's to hunt with.

top center: TERNI, RE above, Crown above that, and another proof mark above the crown that I cant make out.
left top: C1002
right top: 1939 XVII
fixed sites w/ CAL. 7,35


This one could actually be a Moschetto TS 38, judging from the year that is too late for a Fucile 1938 !

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I wish to thank all contributors who added *other* Carcanos. They will be integrated into the card files, i.e. the database, and then be taken out of *this* thread, in order to "clean it up". Of course, you are not bound to the specific topic of each "Roll Call", as I called this posting type before. I am just addressing specific areas, in order to focus the view and to make it easier to muster the field.

In Riepe's new book, MIDA BRESCIA are also mentioned. I shall soon try to summarize his findings.

Please, if anybody can add another gun from this specific producer, feel invited to do so!

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