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If you can take a whiff off the powder and not go into spasms of coughing and gagging due to the byproducts of residual acid breakdown, the powder is fine.

A smell of ether is completely normal; an acrid acidic smell (or any reddish fumes or powder) indicates that residual nitric acid in the powder was not properly washed out or neutralized and the powder is breaking down.

If that is the case, do as dfariswheel suggests and dispose of it by burning someplace safe. Smokeless powders DO NOT "make good fertilizer" so don't dump it on your lawn; this is a long-standing myth. Smokeless powders are boiled for up to several days as part of the manufacturing process, so they're not going to dissolve into your lawn. Nor are they going to be harmed by atmospheric moisture...

The "professional" means of disposal is burning. Dumping powder into your lawn isn't likely to lead to disaster, but it's still going to be flammable in 10 or 20 years if someone tosses down a cigarette.
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