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I will be atternding the Old Ft.MacArthur Days Living History Timelime Event as a member of the Great War Historical Society (GWHS) at the Fort MacArthur Museum which is at Angel Gate Park, 3601 South Gaffey Street, San Pedro, City of Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 July 2010 from 10 AM - 4 PM PST.
I will be setting up a WWI French Poilu Display with all my weapons, accoutrements, etc. used by them during the war. We will also have a display of WWI Allied weapons of the Western Front courtesy of RSM Allen from the "A" Coy, 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, BEF.
Some of the Central Powers men will be doing an impression of the Siege of Tsingtao (Sept. 2 to Nov.7, 1914) as both German and Austro-Hungarian Marines, there will be also a Japanese represenative for this campaign.
We also will have the normal CP and Allied representatives showing of weapons and equipment from the Western Front 1914-1918.
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