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Old Ammo belt ?

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No other markings on belt just the (Windmill U.S.) and an M on the other side, Metal is stainless? Any help appreciated Gents, Charlie
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I have no idea about this item...there are others here who may know more. I just handle the German.....

I have never seen anything with stainless steel fittings. That does not mean that I do not think they exsist, it just means that I do not know anythig about this belt.
Can I bounce this subject

Can I bounce this to the militaria above please, Charlie
Nothing to do with this belt but I received some 30 years ago some stainless M1 Garand WWII clips. Because I didn't believe the attached story (specially made for the jungle warfare) and because the blued steel ones worked better I traded them. Never saw such clips again in Europe.

The belt in question appears to have many, but not all, of the characteristics of the US Model of 1917 Enlisted Man's Garrison Belt. The key identifier on these belts is the single line of grommets in the center of the belt. It is intended to carry two, five round pouches of .30-06 ammunition in stripper clips, and a hanger that permits mounting of the bayonet and sheath.

The inconsistent features of this belt are the shiny, stainless steel like appearance of the metal, the absence of the usual markings and the ribbed style of belt keepers which were not seen until years later. The rivets/fasteners that affix the female end of the belt are also non-standard as these belts typically had the end sewn. Accordingly, in my view this is likely a reproduction or foreign made belt, or both.

I hope that this discussion is helpful to you.

Charlie Flick
Picture Won't load for me, but it sounds a lot like a mystery belt I have buried in my collection.
Should not be a surprise that the photo is gone, this thread is 13 years old.

You are going to have to dig your belt out of the hoard and upload pictures.
Or start a new thread about yours.
The written descriptions in this thread make it sound like a common enough belt but with later version fittings and polished metal bits.
Maybe unit made or parade gear????????
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