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Bill Davis
Posted - 11/18/2003 : 01:09:17 AM

They are not reloads, but they CAN be Berdan-primed SP "hunting" loads. A company named Interarms used to do this all the time. They would either replace the bullet, or, in the case of the 8MM ammo I bought in a Sears box, they cut the tip off these 8MM bullets-left them IN the case while they did this-and put a conical blob of lead on top where the SP would be. The funny thing is, this was listed as "174 gr. 8MM Hunting Ammo"; it was FN dated 1940, and this stuff was THE most accurate 8MM I've ever found. Comes in a 15 round Sears box, you still see some at shows now & again, if you see some, grab it!

Posting right now, 20th September 2007
Exactly, Bill! I only recently bought a few packs of 15 of the very same type. They were re-loaded on behalf of Interarms in Finland, by Lapua, and contained FN cases from 38 to 40. These had replaced SP hunting bullets, not altered military.
But was was stunning me, too, was the superb accuracy of these moderate looking old salvaged FN milsurps: better than almost all other 8x57 IS (including expensive Norma and RWS) that I have ever tried!
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