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The .32 S&W short and long actually didn't have much of either - velocity or energy! Seriously though, Frank Barnes in his "Cartridges of the World" lists the factory black powder loads as follows:

.32 S&W (short) - 9.0 grains Fg at 680 fps for 90 ft-lbs of energy. (85 grain lead bullet)

.32 S&W Long - 13.0 grains Fg at 780 fps for 132 ft-lbs of energy. (96 grain lead bullet)

I find Fg black powder to be a rather coarse granulation to choose for this small caliber, but that's what it says.

It wasn`t unusual at all for the earlier BP Cartridges to be loaded with the large course Fg BP. It seemed to be just as effective a the finer grain and reduced recoil, particularly in small handgun cartridges. Look up some old military listings for the larger rifle calibers, they, also, were loaded with the FG most of the time for that same reason. The finer powders, FFg and FFFg were well suited for frontloaders and FFFFg priming in flinters.
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