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Can anyone tell me what the use of this tool is? Because to me, it looks like it can adjust the gas system, and has two different screwdrivers, and some other funny little wrench type thing. All I need to do is adjust my FRONT SIGHT (the two prong type) on my DSA and I guess I will never be able to.

I ordered one of the TAPCO multi FAL tools on April 20th and the shipper first shipped to my old address. OK, sort of my fault for not having my Gunbroker address current. BUUUT I paid with credit card and it clearly stated the address for billing and shipping on that invoice. Crapola.

The seller was nice enough to re-ship. No big deal. He said he shipped out on May 5th.
After waiting and waiting, I pretty much gave up on it after the 12th since it was being mailed from a state that usually only takes two days. I sent one more email just to see what the seller would say. He said that it was extremely rare for these things to happen. I would totally agree with that statement.

TO MY SURPRISE, I got the thing in the mail today. I was shocked and relieved until I opened the package and to my dismay, the wrong tool was sent. This one is well used, and looks nothing like the new TAPCO that I ordered. I have attached a pic for you guys to check out. Also, the bubble mailer says May 14th... I'm not saying the post office didn't accidentally miss it in their outgoing mail pile, but I am kind of suspicious since that was the day after I sent my email inquiry...

Sometimes I hate ordering stuff from the internet!!!!!

here is the auction:


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Looks like the tool that came with my L1A1.
The wrench looking end fits over the single post of my front sight to adjust elevation. My FAL has a screw that must be loosened before you can adjust the front sight. I would expect you'll contact the seller and ask him to ship the correct TAPCO tool.
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