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Victory in the Ohio Senate, please call your State Rep and Governor Strickland to support the legislation!

FLASH: Ohio Senate passes SB239 (Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix) and SB247 (Restoration of Rights)
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Submitted by cbaus on Thu, 05/27/2010 - 14:52. Ohio Legislation
The Ohio Senate has passed Senate Bill 239, which will allow citizens who hold a valid concealed handgun license (CHL) to carry a firearm in restaurants. To do so, license holders may not consume any alcohol and must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to, 42 states (including every state that borders Ohio) allow non-drinking license holders to carry firearms in restaurants.

The bill also reduces burdensome restrictions regarding how a license holder must transport a firearm in a car. Currently, Ohio is the only state to place such complex limitations on license holders.

The Senate also passed Senate Bill 247, which seeks to align Ohio law with federal statutes regarding the restoration of rights to Ohio firearms purchasers.

Ken Hanson, Legislative Chair of Buckeye Firearms Association, said, "These bills addresses three important issues facing Ohio gun owners and concealed carry license holders and seek to align Ohio law with federal law and the laws of our surrounding states."

Having passed with a 23-10 margin in the Senate, SB239 will now be taken up for consideration in the Ohio House, where the House Public Safety and Homeland Security committee has already held several hearings testimony on the House's version of restaurant carry (House Bill 203).

Likewise, SB247, having passed with a 23-10 margin in the Senate, will also now move to the Ohio House for consideration.

Senate vote tallies will be posted here when available.

Buckeye Firearms Association strongly urges the Ohio House expedite passage of these bills, and to send both to Governor Strickland before the summer recess.
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