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I'm a member. To become a member, one is invited as a guest by a member in good standing. You can attend two shows as a guest, after that you may not or you join. The cost to a guest at the door is $10.00. A guest is not allowed to purchase firearms. If you decide to join, you must have the signitures of two members on your application. I believe the cost for a new membership is $30.00.

OGCA is a great organization, and they are tough on self policing.....they don't screw around!

I would add one comment to this excellent summary. One of the two members vouching for you has to go with you to the membership table to join. You cannot ask for an appication and mail it in. The people vouching for you have to write down how long they have known you and the members will also vote on you during the next meeting. If you get in trouble during your probation period, your sponsors can and probably will be disciplined as well.

The reason you have to physically be present is due to a circumstance that happed in the old Columbus show 20 years ago. Tables were rationed to two per member. One dealer always had four as he shared them with his friend. After many years, a show director got curious as the partner was always out in the van or elsewhere. He went and looked in the van and found out the member, Harry Katz was a nice black and white cat!
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