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And it doesn't say anything about Currency,

Pre WWII Nazi silver coin lot. 2 mark coins are .625 silver, and 5 mark coins are .900 silver. 130.00 shipped for US buyers. SOLD
Mint marks for 2 mark are (1937) A,A, (1939) A.
Mint marks for 5 mark are ((1934) A,F,F(1935) A,A,A, (1936) A,F (1938) J,

There has been an over abundance of sellers adding items that belong in the NON-Firearm WTS section mixed with items that are allowed. Remove the currency and it can go back, but if WTS ads keep getting padded with other fluff they will be moved to the non-firearm wts forum
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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