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I wasn't sure where I could voice my opinion on this at. So I figured to post it here, since I frequent this forum the most.

I listed a few items on the main trader today, and later this afternoon my listing was moved to the non-firearm section.

I listed a K98 bayonet, m1 carbine pouch/mags, WWI German grenade, and some German silver coins.

I went and read the trader rules and came across #11.......which seems to be a gray area.......

There might be certain exceptions of these rules – Items such as books on history or military history are more than welcome to be listed. There are other exceptions, but if in doubt send Tuco or Vic a private message and ask their permission.
Items such as medals, tunics, helmets, rifle parts, slings, unit histories, military maps, military photos, military posters (or like items), military insignia, spotting scopes, binoculars, cleaning kits and cleaning accessories, holsters, mess kits, military belts, canteens, military footwear, flak vests, and similar items are welcome.
Sporting goods such as tents, fishing gear or tackle, or the like are not allowed in The Trader. These items are appropriate for the Non-Firearm or Related Trader.
If you have posted an ad in the wrong Trader, your ad will be moved and there will be a re-direct to the new location for a period of (24) hours. After that, the re-direct will expire, it will not be listed in the inappropriate Trader, and your ad will still be located in the appropriate Trader

As far as I can tell...............all my items fit into being allowed on the main trader.

I never received any notification as to WHY it was moved.

Anybody else have the same problems?

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And it doesn't say anything about Currency,

Pre WWII Nazi silver coin lot. 2 mark coins are .625 silver, and 5 mark coins are .900 silver. 130.00 shipped for US buyers. SOLD
Mint marks for 2 mark are (1937) A,A, (1939) A.
Mint marks for 5 mark are ((1934) A,F,F(1935) A,A,A, (1936) A,F (1938) J,

There has been an over abundance of sellers adding items that belong in the NON-Firearm WTS section mixed with items that are allowed. Remove the currency and it can go back, but if WTS ads keep getting padded with other fluff they will be moved to the non-firearm wts forum
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