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Got wiped out in the Oct 31 Onion Creek flooding in Austin.
Lost pretty much everything we owned, and what we did not lose outright was drowned in stage III blackwater (considered same as sewage).
I got my long guns up on a high dresser when the water started coming in so they were the only thing that got saved intact.
Spent two months in a hotel (NOT recommended by the way) and moved into a new house Jan 6 to try to start putting our lives back together.
We were pretty well entrenched in the old place, lived there 33 years and owned it free and clear..
Never thought I'd say it, but thank God for FEMA flood insurance.
Don't miss the Mausers, the money they brought allowed me (and the Tigerman) to do three badass 91/30 sniper resto's, two PE's and one PEM, which were the best shooting rifles I've ever shot.
Heck, I sold them too (and made money) and until last Thursday were the last milsurp rifles I owned.
But thursday I snagged an SVT 38! (So I guess it begins again).
onion that in bude? outside of manachaca ?
if so, i used to live in ashford to know if my old house got flooded faircrest dr? behind the new cabala's
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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