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Don't surprise me much!
I live in Belgium, ya know the battle of the bulge country, and have been wondering around that area many times, some times armed with a metal detector.
the list of ordnance I personelly found in the woods contains US handgrenades, german handgrenades, mortar shells a 155mm artillerie shell.
german 88 shell and a panzerschreck rocket.
and don't think these are always in bad condition, the handgrenades even had their yellow overpainted with green color on them.
and the panzerschreck rocket... still could read the painted on markings.
a friend found in a farmers shed a box containing 25 blocks of TNT
safely to say, when we found something like that... we called DOVO (Belgian bomb disposal unit) to pick them up and destroy them.
oh and I almost forgot! I found a dirtroad used by loggers... its paved with 30-06 ammo!
I lost count on how many of .30 .30 carbine 7,92mm 9mm 45 cal I found, still intact and shootable
and these things we found, nope thats not 30 years ago! its only a few years back
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