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Went to the show Saturday and found only one Steyr straight pull. Wasn't going to buy it. Appeared to be a typical 95/34. Refinished barrel, markings wiped. Faint Steyr over receiver. Small h with crown, supposed to be a yugo marking, on side of barrel. Only a serial number on side of receiver. 4 digit number on bolt handle. No other markings. No import markings. However, stock was real robust, lots of wood, 1/4 inch over the buttplate all around. Just felt different than others. Bore was real bright and shiny. Carbine rear sight. Cut down rifle barrel with banded front sight. Bolt in heavy grease. Nicley blued magazine well- all full of dust inside. Figured it had to be 8 x 56R. Well the bore was so nice I coughed up the $100 asking price.
Went home cleaned it up. Bore just perfect. Never seen one that nice. Appears wood is all new. Caliber is 8 x 50! Isn't that odd?
Don't have a digital camera. No photos.
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