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A couple of years ago, I purchased a box of about 25 assorted 1911 magazines from a sporting goods store that was getting out of guns and fishing.

It contained quite an odd lot:
'50s & 60's military contract,
WWII contract magazines,
WWI two tone magazines.

I've posted several pics of 3 of the strange ones, and some questions.

1) Did the military ever nickle plate any mags?
The looped and de-looped mags both appear to have an ancient nickle plating.
2) What/who is the make of the de-looped magazine?
3) I've posted a pair of magazines for comparrisson of the lip.
One, an "R" marked. The other, a two-tone with the short lip.
Is the short lip a Remington-UMC magazine?

Thanks for the assistance.
Regards, Ned

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The "R" marked one is a Risdon and the short toe is probably a UMC. While you can't say the military never plated any mags, it is still unlikely that these were done by the military.
The "delooped" mags are most likely Colt and appear to have hade the base plates welded on post military. Springfield also made looped mags but these had the sides of the mag body folded over the base plate.
If you ever want to sell the UMC please let me know.
[email protected]
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