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it sickens me to think that we would treat prisioners of WAR, accused of being suspected taliban etc... like ordinary prisioners. Ordinary prisioners dont sit arround and plan the demise of the entire U.S. nation.

GTMO is a joke, we have every serviceman and women walking on eggshells because they are afraid of the repercussions of our own people. I havent heard of any violence being put towards the guards or men running the prision(which is there), just the rather mild abuse coming from soldiers which is blown way out of scale. when you hear about north korean prisions it pales in comparison to how people talk about gtmo. we will never win another war until we can conquor the politics of the bleeding hearts, and the media.

these are terrorists, and if they werent when they went in they are now, so leave them there.

cuba is the perfect place for this prision sicne wherever we house these terrorists will become a major target, and i for one am not willing to house these people in my neighborhood.
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