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The world of fine art is full of money, intrigue and nasty games. One of the big topics has always been that of fakery. Talented forgers are objects of both scornful hatred and an almost fascinated curiosity. No doubt, many gain a grudging respect for the care and time they take to make their fakes, many of which have fooled onlookers and collectors alike for hundreds of years before it was discovered that they were fabrications.

With that, some folks have a collecting focus of 'quality fakes,' for lack of a better phrase. They will purchase well-crafted fakes of known spurious provenance, of course for much less than the genuine article. Ever heard of anyone who collects firearms with desirable, yet fake attributes, markings, etc.? I think that with the dwindling supply of guns with rare markings, we might see a little niche being filled by collectors with an odd sense of humor. Ever seen any collections that include this aspect?

I know it seems like a long-shot, but look how many guys go weak in the knees for 'ex-snipers' and 'MO' markings, when the former is only a shadow of it's former self and the latter's significance can only be guessed at??!
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