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Picked up a G24(t).Paid 450 but condition is not at all great. Like many Romanian VZ's this one is like bare metal but under wood 95% blue remains. Stock, barrel, reciever match, wood is walnut. Bolt has a lion stamp on knob with no circle around it, 5 numbers or the first may be a l prefix, I have not figured that out yet, has an N stamp on root. Import mark from good 'ol St Albins (?), VT. marked VZ24. 8.85 bore dia., real tight bore and in good condition. WaffenAmps have had eagle peened but numbers still there. Only have one other, laminte stock dated 1941 (original) while this one, walnut, is 1942. Stock markings are still there but faint. I figure it came in with a batch of VZ's, and has still been in use way after WW11.
I usually pass on guns in this condition but these are pretty scarce and price was right.
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