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"March 27, 1944

First time I witnessed any air action in this theater after several red alerts. This being at Shing.[Shingbwiyang] in Burma. Jap bombers accompanied by fighters attempted an attack somewhere along the Ledo Road but was interrupted by American fighters. Very few Jap bombers (two or three if any) were known to have escaped. We lost two P-40's, one being shot down right across the road from our later company area (102 mile mark)."

I find it interesting to note that as late as 1944 P40s were still in action here were elsewhere they had long since been relegated to training or other lesser duties.

Another note...

"August 24, 1944.
I aided in the rescue of three American Airmen lost in the jungles above Yubang, Burma. Their plane, a C-46 transport, caught fire and crashed, the occupants having bailed out. The co-pilot was very badly hurt while the pilot and one crew member escaped injury."

Here's one he just told me about...

They heard a fighter approaching, sounding very much in trouble. It came towards their position apparently shot up. the engine was missing badly, the plane was streaming smoke and/or fluid into the slip stream and was flying erratically, slipping, yawing then coming back in line.

All attempts at radio communication failed and there was no apparent reaction to flares. Finally after a long slip, the plane did a slow roll over and dived vertically into the jungle. Dad said there was nothing much left but a smoking hole in the ground. They couldn't even find any remains. Nobody was seen to bail and the canopy was closed.
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