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Anyone else try these yet? Having any trouble?
They shoot fine out of several (4) of my Swede M96's but they keyhole and are not stable from one M96 and one M38 so far. The M96 will hold 10 ring with the Sierra 140g HPBT but with the same load and just swapping the bullet it has completely missed the back board. I've never had a bullet not stabilize before. The same rifle will shoot Remington 140g bullets and PMC factory ammo just fine. BTW, not every round is unstable some will print right in the 10 ring but about 3 of every 10 will completely miss. Bore fouling looks normal.
I sure would like to hear of others experience with this bullet. Thanks.

Load details are as follows:
Lapua brass (new)
44g rL 22 powder
CCI large rifle primer
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