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The so called "Police troops" were a light infantry unit made up by Norwegian refugees of service age. You can read about them here:

The Norwegian NS party started conscriping Young men into the "Arbeids tjenesten" or "Labour service". An equivalent of the german RAD.
A lot of men ran away to Sweden instead. NS had plans to start conscriptions for frontline service, but the germans opposed the plans. They feared it would only lead to a mass flight to Sweden. Even the rumor about this lead to many youths leaving Norway.

This film is called "We 46000" and is about the Norwegian refugees in Sweden. The 2nd half of the film is about the "Police" units, and their training.
Should be a lot of interesting footage for the swede collectors.

In October 1944 the red army crossed the border into Norway, but they stopped at the Tana river in eastern Finnmark. Units of "Police troops" were deployed there to fill the vacuum after the retreating germans. They burned every building as they retreated and laid an area about the size of Denmark to Waste. The Police units had 24 dead during this operation. Most from a nasty mine accident. To get from Northern Sweden to Finnmark, they had to cross Finnish Territory, and dig their own road through the snow. You'll see this in the film. Also men and equiptment were airlifted by american Dakotas, an operation led by another Norwegian named Bernt Balchen, who also were a colonel in the USAF.
The last part of the film shows the big excercises in the spring of '45.

The danes had a similar unit. The Danish brigade: Here's their film:

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