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Hey, all! A buddy handed me a box yesterday, and said to have fun with it. Among the items were some goodies, as he "repo'd" an old gunshop building.

The main item of interest, in here, is a box of Norma 7.62 Nagant Revolver Cartridges.

I'll post pics as soon as I get back from the Indiana/Kentucky line tomorrow night, but the oddest thing was this: The bullets stick out of the cases! 103 gr Round-Nosed Lead bullets! Anybody ever seen these? Again, I'll post pics of the box and cartridges, later, but I just had to take time to post this. (I don't have my camera dock with me.)

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What you have are 7.5 cartridges for the 6 shot Swedish Nagant revolver - this is an ordinary revolver which was not made with a gas-seal. The 7.5 Nagant ammo is not at all the same as 7.62 Russian Nagant ammo. At this time, I think there is more Russian Nagant ammo around than Norma 7.5, so you may be able to trade it for 7.62 Russian ammo at a good gun show.

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