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Not TOO sure if I have the right place for this, so I'm more than happy to pul it down if necessary. Yesterday was a guest day in our club, and, with an influx of never-before shooters, those of us helping to run the day had to get our own shooting in when we could. A pal of mine arrived with his brand-new Tikka T3 medium-weight rifle, moderator-fitted, and with a nice Zeiss scope - 3 - 12 - on top.

He is not a reloader, and he saw me hanging around like a crow on a roadkill, waiting for his inevitable throw-away of used cartridge cases. He took pity on me, and handed me four rounds to try out in his new pride and joy. No bags, a slidy-topped shooting bench, four rounds, and me.

This was the result on an otherwise totally clean target.....

I fired the first three in the one hole, then looked, and pulled the fourth shot.

If anybody ever needed proof of Norma's stupendous and well-deserved accuracy, this must surely be it.

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