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Norinco Mak-91 National Match...

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I stopped by a friend's pawn shop today. They were in the midst of "housecleaning" , pulling out old guns from the back room and checking them against their log book making sure everthing was ship shape for an upcoming ATF inspection. One weapon that they pulled was a Norinco Mak-91 with a milled receiver. Its previous owner had modified the thumbhole stock by removing the portion that joined the pistol grip to the butt and painting all the wood with a subdued gold metallic paint. It was offered to me for a very reasonable price and I accepted. Internally the weapon doesn't look like its been fired since leaving the factory. Externally , well it sat in someone's Florida attic or garage for a while and needs a good cleaning. Are there wooden military style stock sets that work with the angled rear receiver of these Maks?


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Iron wood makes a set, people have also converted them to underfolder configuration as well.
I too prefer the Choate in looks and feel (mostly the fore end) but have used the ATI's as well. One of the issues with these is finding a better stock as many do not like the OEM stock.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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