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Welcome to the boards and let the addiction begin! As is often said here, mosins breed like rabbits - don't be surprised to find this one turn into multiples.

I checked out your pics. With more light (ideally daylight) your camera may focus better.
Your stock looks like a typical refurbished stock and is a wartime stock based on the rear sling slot with a liner or estucheon. When you mentioned the extra cross bolt, I expected to see a laminated stock. I guess this was done on hardwood stocks, too. The extra cross bolt was to strengthen the stock near the wrist, IIRC.

If this is a 1941 mosin, I'd assume its an Izhevsk. If it has a big star above the serial number, you have a very rare rifle. If it has a small wreath with sickle, you have a nice Izhevsk, but not too uncommon.

As far as my experience with mosins has taught me, the bolt "play" is typical. These mosin bolts are not designed like a mauser type. They have a lot of play by design. If you are concerned about the headspace at the bolt face, yankee engineers makes a great little gauge to check this. Cheap, quick and easy!

Check out this great site for more details and pics - you'll be up for hours! ;)

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