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To have or not to have collector value

atl40, if your SKS has 7 digits being a /26\ then it is a 1963 standard SKS. If the stock does not have any SN on it then it was probably a refurbed PLA weapon that was redone for export for commercial sale. While it is by no means rare due to being a /26\ the fact that it is an early one with a blade bayonet and in the shape it is in gives it more value than other, newer, /26\ SKS's. MHO is that I would not sell it, I had one just like yours and regret having ever sold it for 2 reasons. 1. it was my first SKS and 2. I am very hard pressed to find one in that condition any more. If you only paid $75 for it I would keep it. You'll never be able to replace it for that kind of money, just get some ammo, clean it up, and go shoot it. You'll get addicted to it.
If you are determined to sell it then sell it to me:D;)
Nevertheless, I would hold out for at least $300 on that one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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