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I was telling my brother that I had an M-44 that shot dramatically low; I had to raise the front site to the 300 yd position to get it on target at 100 yds. He suggested filing down the front sight post (I'm not much inclined to start taking off metal). He then wondered if it had been replaced with one from a 91/30. I felt certain these parts were all interchangeable, but today I measured the post heights comparing a 91/30, the M-44 in question, and a T-53 I recently got (haven't fired yet). I thought I might find a difference between the 91/30 and the two carbines. The 91/30 and the T-53 both measured .280 inch, but the M-44 measured .320 inch, a good .04 difference. It was very evident visually, as well, even with my eyes.

Is this a common situation? Maybe that post is from an M-38, or a Romanian carbine? :)

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