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The price is outrageous. That is what I expect to pay for an excellent condition, untouched original rifle, not a post-war Eastern European rework which is what this is.

I have seen at least 4-5 of these for sale over the past few years, so they are not that rare or not rare enough to demand 3K in any event.
Ryan, how can you support your claim that it's "post-war Eastern European" rework? I don't think you can.
Fact is we don't know for sure about those rifles. I have one of them all matching and stock on mine has original serial stamp, no vertical re-stamp. Stock was varnished at some time but it's not post-war shellac. So in total some stocks were renumbered, some not. All of them probably were re-varnished on top of original varnish. We don't know when and where it was done. There's at least one evidence it was done in the repair shop (during war or post-war - it's not clear).
BTW there's another thing about those rifle why ppl are willing to pay extra, not everybody knows it and I'm not willing to elaborate publicly.
To sum up - of course the rifle in question was not "all original as it left factory", but it could be "as it was prepared to enter the service" or "as it was prepared for storage after some minor check". And crack in stock is huge minus. But every rifle costs whatever someone ready to pay for it. And it's a good one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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