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I'm with the consensus here that this particular devise is unlikely to perform as you've envisioned, but I can see that you've put a lot of thought into it and you've turned out a nice prototype. Best of luck with your next idea. By the way -- google has a patent search feature that works pretty well, the USPTO has its own search engine as well -- both draw from USPTO records, though I have seen some mis-spellings in the Google results. There's a decent how-to video on youtube on filing a provisional patent application, which allows you to openly discuss your idea and get help with making it work -- and use the "patent pending" statement legitimately. Costs 110.00 USD currently. Downside is that the provisional patent application only acts as a kind of place marker. You'll get one year to file a standard patent, and that'll probably set you back about five grand from what I've read. Go over your year, and your invention is in the public domain without a patent. Good luck!
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