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It's a central No.4 sight plate which fits....

... either the SMLE or the No.4 rifle. To fit each rifle needs different hardware.

Starting at the bottom and numbering each horizontal row of holes:
1. Extended trigger guard screw, common to both rifles. The plate has an adjustable bush which can be screwed in or out to set the sight truly vertical on the action
2. Safety screw (for SMLE) which usually was a special pattern with a large cheese head. Some No.4 rifles had the butt strap drilled and tapped to mount the plate here too. This is screw A in my photo
3. Left hole (screw B in my photo) is the extended No.4 safety spring screw, which had a cylindrical bush underneath the plate to set correct clearance to the receiver. This screw was used on the no.4 rifle instead of the SMLE location of safety spring screw. Right hole is the safety mechanism hole, after you take off the safety spring (either rifle) the shaft of the mechanism sticks into this hole to locate it and has a new spring fitted as shown
4. Top row of holes are where you fix the Central to select which eye relief you want.

Price is too high seeing as no screws are included
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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