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NJ CCW petition needs signatures

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Saw this on ammoland. I know it may be pointless but...
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I'm in NY I signed it, I carried in CO and I carried In FL,with no permitts and no problems Crime rates in places were people carry are lower to my knowledge, who wants to chance robbing someone if they think you might have a gun.There has to be a fine line Brady Bill cross's that line,Yet there does need to be some laws.How many of you got a turn down threw NISCs check it happens to everyone at some time. I hope I'm not out of place speaking on here with this. What few crimes of passion that are commited with a gun bought at store are by people who pasted a back ground check., VS , all the crimes that are commited with one that was stolen or made. They should not take it out on all of us and issue a number one a year and once a year do a updated back ground check? just a thought from new guy, like card card issued by FBI like driver ID they make money issuing card and most everyones happy.Just me, sorry if this not place for this.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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