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Next Wave of CMP M1 Garands

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Madigan Army Hospital, Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Washington State, is all of an anticipated release of 85,000 Garands from South Korean Army reserves.

We've been reading about this for years and how Madame Secretary Clinton had gone out of her way to hold the transaction up.

Evidently, the log jam is broken. Stay tuned. Please overlook if this is old news.

Best regards from Seattle.
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Just to echo what everyone else is saying... CMP will not be involved in this, they will likely be available thru the usual supects, ie. Century, SOG, Centerfire, etc. and Century will almost certainly end up with a bunch of them. It's hard to gauge what they'll sell for, but at least initially, it may be possible to pick up a decent serviceable "shooter grade" Garand for about what a low end CMP Service Grade rifle goes for. Any cherries in the lot will quickly get picked out and sold at a premium, and if any buying frenzies get started, it's sure to drive the prices for average grade rifles up.
My guess is that retail will be about $500 like the last batch Century brought in.
That's a reasonable estimate for the average examples. Import marks on something like this are a fact of life and I won't be losing any sleep over it, I buy my guns to shoot and tinker with, not to archive away like a coin collection in hopes that I"ll turn a profit on them someday. With this many rifles being imported (upwards of 90,000) there are bound to be some better grades among them, no doubt these will command higher prices, but I would have no problem paying more for an import marked Garand in excellent condition.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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