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Nice clear markings on that Remington. Handguards turn up periodically on the auction sites. Might try some of the sponsors too. I'm guessing the stock is walnut, can't really tell as my moniter doesn't reproduce colors too well, but the Remington buttplate and nosecap lead me to believe it might well be. Are there any stock cartouches visible? The sling hangers could be Balkan. Any import markings? That stock is in great shape for a Balkans import, usually they are beat to heck. To me that finish looks to be original, it's hard for me to tell just by pictures. Thanks for sharing.
PS- I was just reading another post about a Balkan import and I realized that most of them have had the imperial eagles scrubbed. The fact that yours are not and the good condition of the stock plus the sling swivels lend some creedence to the supposition that the rifle could have some Spanish history. Either that or some one could have just added the swivels at some time.
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